CN Series

The following images comprise a selection from a four year long project for which I was commissioned by the Canadian National Railway.

The series represents a collective portrait of a unique period in railroading history. By 2011, advancements in technology were set to replace most of the traditional hands-on methods of railroading, thereby changing the social landscape of the industrial plants and shifting the relationship between the human element and technology.

Nearly all of the railroaders featured in this series retired by 2014. As such, many hands-on methods seen in practice in these images retired with them.

In addition to archiving this unique environment before the ineluctable shift, the series represents the railroader for his or her presence and effect as an individual within and beyond a landscape of industrial level machinery.

Through a trusted relationship between subject and medium, sensitivity for the balance of elements within each scene, and punctilious framing, the human element is represented as the ineffable presence within this constructed landscape.


b&w print

flush masonite

12”x18”, 11”x17”, 16”x20”


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