Suzanne Friesen
Living in Vancouver, BC

BFA (Hons) Film Production, Simon Fraser University
BSc General Sciences, University of Manitoba
Diploma in Professional Photography, PrairieView School of Photography

Suzanne Friesen is a Canadian/Polish filmmaker and cinematographer based in Vancouver, BC. She works as a Director of Photography on independent and commercial industry productions, while writing and developing her own directed films. Suzanne is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, where she teaches cinematography in their Theatre and Film Department.

In her artistic practice Suzanne employs analog filmmaking and photography techniques, often working with 16mm and 35mm motion picture film. Experimental and alternative darkroom practices compliment and influence her phenomenological approach and philosophies associated with the relationships between viewer, medium, and content.

Her work seeks not to dictate, but rather to invite, question, and inspire deep thought and personal inward (sometimes secret) dialogue within the viewer.

Suzanne has received numerous awards within her artistic practice, and her work has been screened and recognized within Canada and internationally. Most recently her latest film tu held its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival (2020).

Awards & Recognition

Simon Fraser University Student Society Award (2017)
Richard Patton Annual Undergraduate Scholarship (2016)
Bice Caple Award (2016)
John Driftmier Memorial Award (2015)
2015 TIFF Top Ten Official Selection for film Smoke - Co-Director and Director of Photography


tu - 9:38, 16mm black and white, 2020, Director
Portret Pamięci
- in production, 16mm black and white, (in production), Director
Venusian - 12:40, 16mm black and white, 16mm colour, 2019, Co-Director
Remanoir - 7:14, RED Scarlet Digital, 2015, Co-Director
something real - 4:46, super 8mm black and white, 35mm black and white stills, mini DV, 2015, Director
Smoke - 12:49, RED Scarlet Digital, 2015, Co-Director and Director of Photography (TIFF Top Ten Official Selection)
At Ease With the World - 9:42, HD, colour, digital video, 2014, Director
The Egg - 8:49, 16mm black and white, 2013, Director

Additional Film Work

Director of Photography - Zeb's Spider - 2021, Dir. Alicia Eisen & Sophie Jarvis
Director of Photography - As The Smoke Rises - 2020, Dir. Sharon Heigl
Director of Photography - Be Still - (post production) 2019, Dir. Elizabeth Lazebnik
Director of Photography - No More Parties - (post production) 2019, Dir. Natalie Murao
Director of Photography - Deady Freddy - 2019, Dir. Alicia Eisen
Director of Photography - Floating Islands - 2018, Dir. Patricia Gruben
Director of Photography - All Happened Before - 2018, Dir. Gloria Mercer
Director of Photography - The Constant Evening - 2017, Dir. Cameron Mackenzie
Director of Photography - World Exposition - 2017, Dir. Mackenzie Reid Rostad
Cinematographer - In the Belly of a Star Fissure - 2017, Dir. Evan Britz
Cinematographer - Westham Island - 2017, Dir. Sasha Tomasky

Solo Exhibitions

August 2016 Clouded Mind - online interactive live stream installation
August 2014 CN Railroaders Photography Exhibit 2014 - Flatlander's Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba
August 2013 Leaves the way you wonder, flowers the way you dream - The Edge gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba
January 2012 CN Photography Project Gallery - CN System Engineering Plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba



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